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Students Preventing and Informing on Drugs and Alcohol (SPIDA) is a youth group representing students who are trying to prevent alcohol and other drug use among youth in our community. SPIDA is the youth component of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Drug Free Coalition and works closely with members on supporting causes that keep communities safe from drugs and alcohol.

SPIDA also has a focus on environmental strategies. Environmental strategies are focused on changing the environment that contribute to the use of alcohol and other drugs. These strategies are aimed to decrease the social and health consequences of substance abuse by limiting access to substances and changing social norms that support the use of substance abuse. They can change public laws, policies and practices to create environments that decrease the probability of substance abuse. SPIDA supports the causes led by North Carolina’s state initiative to Prevent Underage Drinking (PUD). SPIDA receives trainings from Youth Empowered Solutions on advocacy and leadership skills to prepare our youth for community mobilization. Some of these initatives include the proper classification of alcopops as a distilled spirit, properly taxed, and sold only ABC stores. SPIDA also encourages adults to lock up their alcohol or take an inventory of it.

The youth of SPIDA are committed to educating themselves, youth and others in the community on underage substance abuse with the hopes of positive responses whether by joining our team or just by giving SPIDA their listening ears. Adult SPIDA advisors are committed to training the youth to develop leadership skills, communication skills, and team skills in a dynamic atmosphere.

To learn more about SPIDA or to contact a SPIDA Advisor please visit the Contact Tab.



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