Why join SPIDA?

  •  Receive the Distinguished Student Leader Award after 1-2 years of committed service to SPIDA
  •  Make your college application stand out
  •  Improve  your public speaking skills
  •  Receive vital skills on how to become an effective leader
  •  Meet other youth leaders
  •  Make a difference in your community!

Overview of SPIDA

  • Students Preventing and Informing on Drugs and Alcohol (SPIDA) is a youth group representing students who prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) and other drug use (ATOD) among youth in our community.
  • Youth work closely with adult allies on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Drug Free Coalition.
  • Receive regular trainings on the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs
  • Develop leadership skills through series of state-wide trainings focusing on youth advocacy and media literacy
  • Environmental scans on how ATOD is sold and perform skits on how to avoid drugs and alcohol
  • Participate in town hall meetings and health fairs
  • Works with political officials and Alcohol Law Enforcement to advocate for change
  • Engage other youth to live a positive drug free lifestyle !


Click Here for printable SPIDA Registration Form to become a SPIDA member. If you would like to get involved with SPIDA please visit our Contact Page and contact a SPIDA Advisor for further information.

SPIDA collaborates with other youth organizations such as Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!),Tobacco Reality Unfiltered (TRU), SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and the Western North Carolina Teen Institute

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